Our School Spaces


Our hallway is a space where we can complete gross motor activities. We utilize the hallway for games and for arrival and departure. The "Red Road" is used for lining up and it is what the student are taught to walk on throughout the school. 

hallway 2

Each student has their own locker sign. Some will have their own locker, while others share their locker with a student that comes to the opposite class of them.


In one of our classrooms, we have a SmartBoard which is used to aid in our instruction.

reading area

There are many smaller spaces within our room. Some include: a reading area and table time. 


Play areas are separated into two areas. Manipulatives and smaller mobile toys are located in this play area. 


An imaginative play area reinforces and encourages the students to use their imagination while engaging peers in play. 


There is bathroom access in both preschool classroom, without having to enter into the hallway. 

speech room

The speech rooms are located down the hallway from the preschool rooms in Whispering Meadows. 


Our physical therapy room is used to target specific gross and fine motor skills as a class. 


Our therapists also use portions of this room to complete therapies specific to student need. 

small playground

A smaller playground can be used for our students. This playground has an adaptive swing as well as some smaller equipment. 

big playground

As our students' skills progress, they are allowed to play on the larger playground that is used by typical peers. 


This is our school cafeteria. We utilize this space when we need a larger area, and when we join the school for performances and special events. 


This is our school gym. We utilize this space for gross motor activities.