School Office

Mrs. Nicole Veit - Principal

Thank you for selecting Whispering Meadows Elementary as your child's school!  We know that your child's education is a top priority and we are proud to partner with you!  At Whispering Meadows, we are committed to helping EVERY child achieve!  We ensure this success by approaching your child's needs inpidually and partnering with you to best meet these needs.  

The Whispering Meadows family prides itself on utilizing a variety of methods to reach every type of learner.  We monitor the success of these methods by measuring each student's progress at key points throughout the year. Additionally, our teachers and students continuously set goals and make plans in instruction to achieve these goals.  As you are welcome to see in our building, we value our students and welcome their voice and choice in how they interact with their learning environment.

When we partner together to make decisions in the best interest of your child, great things happen!  I am proud to be a Whispering Meadows Maverick and am committed to supporting you along with our staff and students as we move through the school year.  If we can be a support to you in additional ways, please feel free to contact us!  We are here, because of the trust you put in us to educate your child(ren) and are honored to share our school with you and your family.


Mrs. Nicole Veit

[email protected]