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Practice with an i-device Suggested Apps

Practice with an i-device Suggested Apps



For students looking to use their iPods, iPads, or iPhones to practice good speech and language skills, Mr. Nelson loves the following FREE apps:

Speech Goals:

(Remember, it’s not really practice unless you’re reading or talking ALOUD)

  • Speech Sounds on Cue for iPad.  Demonstrations of speech sound productions -then you record your voice.
  • Glow Draw: write words with your sound as you say them aloud, have a friend or family member draw pictures of your words with your sound and guess what word it is
  • Phonics Genius: A Speech favorite! Find the list of words with your sound and practice for a few minutes each day. Record yourself reading the word and listen if you would give yourself a thumbs up or thumbs down!
  • Free Books: MeeGenius and Reading A-Z both have several free digital books. Look for words on each page with your sound or practice using your good sounds when you read aloud
  • Sock Puppets: Record a puppet show. Listen back and see if you used your very best speech sounds for all character voices
  • Vocalic R Shuffle: Lots of R free R words!
  • Linguisystems Phono Lite: You can practice saying your words, or tap the picture that matches the word with your sound

Language Goals:

  • Free Books: MeeGenius and Reading A-Z both have several free digital books. Choose a setting or character to describe with good details, tell a friend the main idea of the book, tell a family member your favorite part and why
  • Bluster: Fun for working on rhyming words, prefixes, and synonyms
  • Opp Ocean: Choose the words that are antonyms
  • SameMeaning: Find the words that are synonyms
  • Sock Puppet: Write a script for a puppet show. Check your script for complete sentences, wow words, and correct verb endings
  • Super Duper Common Core Vocabulary: There are free versions for Pre-K, First, Second, and Third Grade
  • Linguisystems Buddy Bear: Several free versions of language-based questions for younger students

Social Goals:

  • Social Express Lite: The shortened version of one of Mr. Nelson's favorites. Help Zack and Emma choose coping strategies and make good choices with friends
  • ABA Flashcard Emotions: Check out the pictures of different feelings. Name a time you felt each feeling and what you can do when you feel each feeling. For an extra challenge, name a time a friend or family member felt each feeling
  • Four in a Row Free: Play a game with a friend. Practice following all the rules of being a good friend and good sportsman
  • Sock Puppets: Write a conversation for two puppets. Remember to include greetings, questions, comments and a closing.


Mr. Nelson has found a way to play ALL of these fun games while still practicing good speech, language, and social skills. Can you?

  • SparkleFish: Similar to Mad Libs, but you can record the words you choose
  • Domino’s Pizza Hero: Fun for sequencing, describing, and practicing patience!
  • Stack the States
  • Cat Effects

Note: All of these apps were free at the time Mr. Nelson downloaded them from the Apple store. Of course, he cannot guarantee the cost/availability of any app. Additionally, Mr. Nelson recommends all of the above apps based only on personal experience and is not affiliated with any app developers!